Why use Alexzander Telecom

The benefits of having a well-organized and managed Telecom consulting team and database behind your company or organization are huge but often over-looked. 

Company down-time and potential lost revenue: with an organized and constantly updated communications services database, company downtime and lost revenue is reduced as we are able to resolve and escalate service issues quickly. We use our relationships and resources in the channel to resolve any service or billing issues.


Internal company turn-over can also create issues with lost services, invoices and information that can slow down operations and monthly spends.  With a well-organized and easy to navigate database properly maintained by the Alexzander team, our client's can worry about one less side-effect of internal turn-over as all information is easily accessible for IT and finance departments.

Finance departments will be able to track, report on and inventory communication costs more efficiently, and effectively.  We work directly with both IT and finance to create a system that works best for the organization as a whole. 


Team Qualifications

Certified Telecommunications Analyst

Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist

Certified Intelisys Telecom Solutions Professional

Certified Intelisys Cloud Computing Solutions Professional

Certified Intelisys UCaaS Solutions Professional

Certified Intelisys Network and Data Security Professional

Certified Intelisys Advanced Data Networking Solutions Professional

Certified Intelisys Wireless and IoT Solutions Professional


20+ years combined experience in voice and data communications 

Active members and volunteers for the Alliance of Channel Women

Active member of the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce 

2019 AchieveUnite ACE: Leadership by Influence 

       Alexzander Telecom, Inc.



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